Think Natural



Mahogany Naturals is an award winning product line created by a multi award winning curly hair stylist Tope Beesley in 2012 to address the needs of curly, textured and afro hair.


Tope is a certified aromatherapist & facialist so she understands how ingredients and essential oils affect different, skin, hair and scalp conditions.

The brand has now expanded into creating delightful, spa quality natural bath,body and skincare products. Everything has a purpose but most importantly, these products are meant to destress and relieve anxiety.
The main ingredient in all our products is Aloe Vera for the whole family. All of our ingredients are 100% organic. Not tested on animals and are vegetarian friendly.
We are proud to be PETA CERTIFIED as a cruelty free company!
Our products are made in the historical town of Bletchley Milton Keynes and are made in small batches to keep its freshness and potency.
We are lovers of the earth. We recycle our outer packaging where ever possible. our wholesalers will usually receive their order in a previously used box from when we receive our ingredients from our suppliers.
Our skincare range also do not come in extra fancy packaging; although we agree skincare boxes look pretty, we feel they are wasteful and 99% of customers agree they throw it away immediately,thus we made the conscious decision not to include them at all.
We are featured on,
The independent newspaper, ,, Pride magazine, Naturalbelle, and many more blogs, magazine and websites that promote natural beauty.