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Tope is THE best. Her products are amazing. I use them HEAD to TOE. IN LOVE with everything Mahogany Naturals.

Destiny Godley


Hello Tope,
Can I start by saying, OMG!! I used your products yesterday and my hair looooves it, my hair feels so soft and moisturised. I have been natural for just under 2 years now and I have been seaching for products that my hair likes, and your products hit the right notes for my hair. Thank you

Marisia O.


My hair is the barely grow type of hair, prone to breaking and extremely dry. I don't have lots of spare money sadly so I treated myself to some products as I bought a few items as a gift for my mum. The products I kept for myself was the Hydrating Hair Juice and the Daily Moisturising Leave in Treatment. Both are light to apply and my hair is loving it. It is no longer dry. I am impressed! The smell of the products is brilliant, who needs perfume when your hair smells good enough to eat! Definitely recommend it.

Janine H.


Your Irish cream hair smoothie and hydrating hair juice has changed our mixed race daughters hair for the better. its now soft, shiny,bouncy and happy. thank you.

 Melissa H


Very please with the Brazilian butter treatment, lovely and thick and leaves my hair soft yet strong.

Lorraine W.


I'm in love with the luscious hair milk, its thick, creamy, smooth,very hydrating and makes my curls juicy.

Tanya W.


My hair has transformed into this amazing head of hair since I've been using your products. my favorites are the Irish cream hair smoothie, hydrating hair juice and luscious hair milk. they make my hair feel great. no more breakage.

 Karen W.


Thanks for creating such great,luxury products. my hair loves everything i buy and i cannot live without them

Gemma A


The Bath oil is absolutely gorgeous and soothing.very relaxing especially at bedtime.



This Kids hydrating hair juice does a brilliant job of detangling and defining my mixed-race daughter's curls, without leaving behind any sticky residue. It also has a nice, fruity fragrance. Not particularly cheap for the amount you get, but very effective nonetheless.



I had to stock up on the whole range because there are no retailers in Nigeria selling your products. i love them and we need to get them sold here.



Brazilian butter damage reverse treatment This is The One. My hairdresser said what good condition my hair was in yesterday – and it can only have been this, because I hadn’t got my hair cut in *guilty gulp* 6 months!

So hair masks: lovely idea, pain in the arse in real life. I’m not sure when YOU have time to wash your hair, come out the shower, towel dry your hair, put a mask on, leave it 20 minutes and wash it off but I don’t and I am NOT cutting into sleep time!

I have a great way round this palaver. I spray my hair with Eu Avene Thermale to just get it damp. Then I rub a small amount of this through the ends of my hair (careful not to eat it: it looks and smells delectable). Then I go to sleep! If you’re worried about your pillow and you’re single/have a partner who doesn’t care about such things, then feel free to also wear a shower cap. However I already wear gloves, a retainer and an eye mask and I feel that a shower cap would be the straw that broke the camel’s love goggles.

Then the next morning wash off thoroughly and hey presto! Hydrated, smooth hair!

One thing I would say is that this is very hydrating, and so it can make my thick hair quite heavy and flat. If you have a shoot or an event coming up, put this mask on a couple of days before, so your hair will have had two or more washes since.

Also: a holiday must to fight the drying sea.

At £50 I realise this is pricey, but if you do a mask once a week using a small amount, the price levels out as it will last so long. With brazilian nut and cocoa butter, avocado and aloe vera, this is magic for your hair. 

Rebecca Pearson